Monday, January 21, 2008

Laptop Screens and repairs : Spare Parts Warehouse

Earlier i mentioned that my wife was looking for a new computer, a desk top lap top. Why was I compelled to shell out extra money, because the laptop used by my wife was broken.

I was infront of the search engines again to get some info on the Laptop Parts available. Just need the info so that i can convince my wife about the same and get the screen repaired(yeah the issue was with the Screen. And then I found the site for Laptop LCD Screens & Laptop Screens .

When i was looking further, the tings were looking more promising, this is indeed a ware house, for lap tap parts. Parts like Lap Top Batteries, Laptop Adaptors, Laptop LCD Screens etc are available in there. And I even found the Laptop screen suiting my needs (Now have to ping my wife regarding this). Printer and other computer parts are also available.
Parts of almost all the major brands like COMPAQ, HP, IBM, OKIDATA, SONY, TOSHIBA etc are available here. Memory upgrade, Keyboards, hard drives, you name the parts and its available in here. I wen ahead and checked the toner and cartridges for printer as well. They have got the repair services for laptop as well.

* check the site before you buy/ order something, this is just “my opinion regarding the site I browsed.


Bingo Online said...

i just love these - i used to repair laptops in my company and i love doing it

but i've stopped since then

career change for $$ though..

notebook said...

good idea.

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