Saturday, January 12, 2008

PR 4 in less than two months - Long way to go.!

This morning I found that my blog have gained some PR. In less than a couple of months time. Isn't that cool?

A PR of 4 with some back links. So i doubts.. Is there some thing called sand box effect? I dont think so.

Thank You all for the support.


nick- said...

Great news on your PR! I've seen a lot of bloggers get great PR from this today. Just lets hop google don't do dome more 'tweaking' over the next few days.

cOOL_aLIEN_fRM_mARS said...

what the point with a PR? now-a-days google gives other stuff priority for ranking searches rt?

Best Registry Fix said...

Great for u. surely it is great. Find the clue and stick on it. U can get more soon.

Drop Shipping said...

dang... thats crazy to get such a good PR in so little time? any key roles in achieving that?

CJ said...

That's awesome! For some reason, Google hates us. I've got sites that are 9 months old, have tons of backlinks, and they're still PR0. :(

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