Thursday, January 24, 2008

Save Buckets: Save a whole load of money

Vinod was with me in Bangalore. We were room mates and friends. Four months back He went to UK to do his MBA from a university there. Last week he pinged me ans said he need to buy some electronics items from the stores in UK, and I advised him to search in the web. After a couple of days, when he was on line, I asked him whether he have brought all that he wants, he said he is now planning to buy an MP3 Player now. He gave me a link to search for mp3 players.

When I was going through the list of players, he said that is the best price he have ever came across, and need to buy one. The list looks neat and the price tag was also wonderful. He was in search of a 2GB+ MP3 player and with a decent battery life. He was looking for a branded one. I searched the same and came across some choices and left a message to him, after shortlisting around five players from that site. He said he will choose one from the same. Save buckets, the site have an impressive tag line “Save A Whole Load Of Money” . They have also got an option to give them a price and product so that if ever the price falls to that range, they will intimate you.

The site needs an option to select stuffs by price(Yeah am sure that they will include the same)...

The next time when you are in to shopping from the net, try Save buckets as well, and most probably you will come across something that helps you to save a whole load :)


si upik said...

why dont you search offer in ebay??
try ipod touch ,you can read the review here

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