Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dummies links to blogging Part 1

Last day i was thinking about my entry in to blogging.. and I found that I'm here juz because of search engines. I was searching for new stuffs.. searching for the keywords i found in the blog.. about templates.. and so on... Then i thought i would give some links to some of the articles, which are useful. from the start to the end of blogging

Here are the things to remember/ taken care of

1. You want a blog? what is that you are going to write?
Technology? cinema? hobby? cat blog?
In between see the article How to start a blog - Wiki how
Select a service to start your blog like,, drupal, etc...

2. You have selected the service(will be discussing blogger/ wordpress only), now where are the templates?

Blogger Templates

Wordpress Templates
  • Another 615 themes of Wordpress themes are available in Emily's blog

to be Continued...


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