Saturday, January 19, 2008

Houston Rodeo: I want to be there.

February 18 2008 is the round up and best Bites competition and from March 3rd the real action begins. If you are wondering what I am talking about, here is the clue. Am talking about a grand event that is going to happen in Houston. Yeah! You thought that correct. Its all about the Houston Live stock Show and Rodeo (Originated from Spanish, means round up). The entire cow boy (oops, cow girls as well) action like barrel wrestling, bull riding etc will be a treat to watch. Another attraction will be that of rodeo clowns (works to prevent injuries to competitors) during the bull fight. Though the Rodeo was out from the main stream TV coverage some years back, its gaining some popularity now a days , thanks to the full day coverage offered by the sports channel. Some controversy is on against Rodeo, Still I think of the same as a pure sport.

Last day, my friend was excited, he was saying that he is trying for Houston Rodeo Tickets this year and he is trying to be there to watch the spectacular show. All the excitement and feelings about the show was evident from his words and yes, the same is getting transmitted to me. I think I too have to try for some Houston Rodeo concert tickets. See the whole action and get back to here and start a new blog, exclusively for Rodeo.. Oops, I mean Houston Rodeo.


dedicated said...

Wow there are so many events. I didn't hear about this before. Hope this year i can join. Thanks for the post.

virtual said...

it is very intersting i Would love to read your's make me fun.when i read you post i think i should must join houston rodeo.thanks for shareing with us.

John Benjamin said...

I didn't know about this also. Thanks for sharing with us. I'll try my best to take a part.

Trent Carter said...

It's going to be a great time! I got my Houston Rodeo Tickets last month, so I'm all set. :)

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