Monday, September 8, 2008

Reverse phone lookup - phone info tracer

Are you a victim of continues call from pranksters? Are you the one unsatisfied with the calls from telemarketers? Don't you wish to know who is trying to contact you or who is trying to annoy you? Here is a way to check who is that one that have become a nuisance. Yeah, the reverse phone look up, which is used to find the address of the person by giving in the telephone number. So it is actually the reverse of what happens with a telephone directory in which we used to find a telephone number by using a number or an address.
One such site I found is the Phone Info Tracer, which is used to find the info on US and Canada. The usage of the site is 100% anonymous and they are not going to notify anyone when you do a telephone number search. The site features a section to find if the area you are looking (the area code) is supported or not. Occasionally you may have to purchase a data when you come across the unlisted or mobile numbers. The process is simple, all you have to do is to type the number with code in to the search box and hit “search” button and that search retrieves the data like the state, county, city, zip code, carrier, and the address in which the connection is registered.


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