Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SaaS - Team Foundation Server

What is that you use to integrate your team projects and the resourses? I think that is the toughest part of a project managers job. Last day I hard about team foundation server hosting and searched for about a couple of hours on the same.


But have you heard about SaaS tfs or software as a service tfs? Its a method by which the software is deployed through Internet and that too to the clients premises. This eliminates the need for the software to be instaled in the local/Client's machine and save a huge lots of efforts in maintaining, repairing, trouble shooting in client side. That means more control over versions and upgrades, less price, network based access, scalable and robust. So host the software as services and run in a different location do have lot's of advantages.

Microsoft Team foundation server from Microsoft Team Server from phase 2 allows an organisation to manage the visual studio projects of an organization. Tools like Team build, source control, permisiion management etc, helps us to manage the project and help us to be in the right track. So with SaaS you get an advantage, no It department, no overhead costs, and phase 2 have even offered a money back if Hosted team foundation doesn't help you to make your business better.

Support and pricing
The packages and pricing looks decent and they offer free support and there is no set up fee as well.
If you are having a little issue with investing without trying, go ahead and check the demo before you pay for the package. As it is I think Its worth to have an alliance with phase 2, a Microsoft gold certified partner.


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