Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Traffic Jam... Traffic to Your Blog can be increased in 25 ways ( one short )

There are a lotta info available online on how to get free links / traffic.. but here is what I would prefer to do (not yet started doing most of these things)

1. Hub pages: Create hub pages to popularize your blog... a redirection script or even a link to the original content will do the magic.
2. Top 10 Tips to increase traffic by Deborah Ng,
3. Social Networking sites and technorati/reddit will definitly increase your presense online..
4. Comment comment and comment.. that is the best way to get visitors.. and make sure that your blog have something for their disposal.
5. Blog Catalog (I dont want to miss this..) create an account in
6. Google pages and atwiki helps to create our own small sites.. build your links there...
7. A link section/blog for keeping your favourites posted in the blog.
8. Usage of web address instead of profile address in almost all possible places(Profile address is also important as it have a lots of information on you and a link to all your blogs.
9. Blog search optimization
10. Directory submissions (eg: DMOZ), google yahoo etc searches with the help of DMOZ... do you want to lose this?
11. RSS submissions...and offering these RSS as subscription: burn your feed with feed burner
12. Write futuristic to get noted by Search engines...
eg: if a new software is scheduled to get released in a couple of months write a review for the same.. at least a mock review with relevant keywords so that you can get your posts listed in search.
13. Use Tags, for they speak about your posts
14. Check for the blogrolling done by fellow bloggers
15. Watch your Tittle, for they advertise about your blog and keywords in title are the most sort of thing by a search engine
16. Use tools to get more info on the site.. some handy tools are available in webuildpages
17. Show clouds on the tags/ labels in the side bar, which increases the number of links.
18. Ping..! Ping..! ping..! when ever you update...
19. Monetize your blog, and make sure that its not irritating readers...
20. Index your pages in google using google web masters
21. Take of the nofollow tag from your comment section, and join dofollow movement.
22. Frequency of blogging does matter
23. Tips and tricks on a specific subject will be appealing to a lot.
24. 101 ways to be a .. a title like this will be attractive

Some resources available online
Blogging Tips by Lorelle VanFossen - Recommended Reading
Sethgodin on how to get traffic
Brandon Hopkins' 29 free links..



dani said...

excellence stuffs.. i never thought about using googlepages and link back to our blog.. definitely new to me..

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