Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Secure the future - Insurance

This is not about the It security. But securing yourselves from that unwanted and unforseen disasters. Yes!, whether it been a fire, acident or theft, what you need to keep your IT goods in control is an insurance, be it Car Insurance, Computer insurance(both comes under general insurance), or life insurance, be prepared for the future. I remember a friend of mine insured his laptop and days after he insured , the laptop was stolen from the train he was commuting. The only worry that gripped him was that it contains his personal data. Yeah! The data inside the laptop is a concern, but atleast you get another one back.(though that wont really get you out of the loss). For preventing loss of data, better back up your data some where else and keep your laptop clean!

Last day i went to renew my insurance for my car and yeah, that took just around 10 minutes to complete the whole transaction. (travelling time extra). I was thinking, why don't I do these things online? Am already doing the Life insurance stuff online, like that I will try to make my general insurance stuffs online.
Pss... I forgot, i want to insure my new laptop(Yeah, the HP DV6701 AU the one I said in the last post).


Drop Ship said...

i agree insurance is important to have and all but what drives me nuts is how you pay them money every month for accident protection and then when you finally do get into an accident they jack up your rates, as if you did something completely wrong.

Toronto Web Hosting said...

i also agree insurance is important for future.It is a building block of future.

job said...

insurance is like a must nowadays..we never know what will happen in the future right?

erp said...

I personally agree insurance is important for future planning. 1st of all, we never know what's gonna happen next but with insurance, we know we are secured.

Wawanesa said...

Of course, insurance is important, but my greatest concern when looking for insurance is premiums. I always have to balance between number of insurance options I want to have in my policy and the overall price of the coverage.

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