Thursday, March 27, 2008

HP DV6701AU and BSNL EV-DO 2.4Mbps

I got hold of an HP Laptop a month back and here are the specs. The specs is same as the standard laptop hp offers, but is upgraded with an extra GB of RAM.

Make: HP
Model: HP Pavilion dv6701AU
Processor Manufacturer: AMD
Processor Name: Turion 64x2 TL-58
Processor Cache Memory (KB): 1024
Front Side Bus: 1600
Processor Speed (Mhz): 1900
Security: Finger print

Memory And Screen:
RAM (MB): 2048
Upgradeable RAM (MB): 4096
Hard Disk Drive Capacity (GB): 160
Optical Drive: DVD Writer
Display Screen Size (Inches) : 15.4"
Maximum Display Resolution (dpi): 1280 x 800
Screen Type : Bright View

Video Display Card : Dedicated
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Video Card : GeForce Go 7150M
Video Card Memory Type: Shared
Video Card Memory (MB): 287

Connection 1.: Internal Modem
Connection 2.: WiFi(802.11b/g)
Connection 3.: Ethernet
Connection 4.: Bluetooth
Connection 5.: USB Port(3 No.s)
Connection 6.: IR

Sound : High definition Sound
Microphone: Yes
Speakers: Yes
Camera: Yes(Built in, 1.3 MP)
Earphone jacks: Yes(2 no.s)

Operating System: MS Windows Vista Home Premium
Navigation: Keyboard and Touch pad
Dimentions(WxDxH): 357x257x25.4
Weight (Kgs) : 2.75
Battery: Li Ion
Battery life: 2-3 Hours (approx in power saver)
Color: Black with imprints
Warranty: 1 Years

I like the looks, the screen(yeah, the bright view), the power saver capability, solidness of the laptop.
Initially, the finger print option was not that easy to get registered, but improves in successive scans. I use a BSNL EV-DO 2.4 Mbps connection with it. The only issue was the conflict in drivers. The BSNL guys did not provide any drivers, and I was compelled to download from Internet (the manufacturer of the USB Modem, ZTE, said that they don't have the drivers stored on line :( ) The max speed attained was around 1Mbps - 1.6 Mbps till now.

The dv6701AU is a decent laptop on your pocket as well as regarding performance. So if you are in search of a laptop without much hardcore games, graphical usage, then this is the one for you!


flower girl said...

just a note: my father bought my son this style laptop and hes had very good luck with it. It also lasted a long time before giving to the wear an tear of a little boy.

Carrey said...

All the laptops are the same, the only difference is the GB of RAM. It Works very well. Having power saver capability would be a great advantage. These would last very long too.

Adam Hyman said...

looks like a great machine. But why didn't you put the price in your blog post?

Vishnu said...

Thanks for the note FG

Carrey.. I dissagree with you..

And adam, the price is 38700 INR

(1 INR = 40 USD)

That price includes the RAM update, USB mouse and a 2 GB kingston thumb :)

Joshua McNiel said...

Thats a pretty nice laptop.

erp said...

I have a HP DV 6000 too. I think HP is great value for money. 2GB Ram and 120 Gb is really more than sufficient.

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