Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Err..! that was me..!

That day, i got a mail.. It said "appreciation"... what was it?? i wonder, bcoz there are a lotta mail getting delivered in my inbox from time to time... another guy who read the blog???? yes that was rgt.. but it was a little different.. an earnest way to tell what she feel... she wrote "Alappuzhayile kappalandi muttayikkara...." that blog of mine have less contents and i write things in a different perspective in that... she got interested in that??? any way i said a thanks with a reference to my other blog, alappuzhakaran then there were lotta mail that followed.. and we became good friends.... OOps i call her chechi now and i now know all her family members.... All the way from khasab to alappuzha.. a simple mail can conquer hearts.. she is busy.. busy like anything.. but is finding time to mail me... paavam..

God Bless her..


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