Monday, February 4, 2008

Cell Tower Lease : Claim your space

When mobile was invented it was considered as a luxury. And the call rates were high. And imagine the situation now... The call rates are low... The mobile service is a necessity now a day. Mobility is the Keyword of the century and each company is in competitive mood to provide better service , rates And offers to customer and to provide the service what is needed is better coverage and a fairly new concept evolved from it is cell tower lease.
In this concept you have to identify the operators in your area or claim your area so that companies can find the person claims it.

This site is by a national advocacy group created to provide the apt service to wireless and cell landholders and lease holders. The membership was claimed to be free but packed with resources plus lots of other benefits like the promotion of the location, e newsletter (wireless updates). And a blue book to know how much the cell site lease is worth.

They have a dedicated number for assistance, a membership area and lots of other resources. (Like Articles, Polls, newsletter archives, and a calculator to calculate the financial benefits of becoming a member.

So it’s your turn to find out what’s the worth of your lease.


Online Traffic Formula said...

Interesting information and well written. It is crazy to think how cell phones have changed over the past few years. I can never get ahold of my one friend who doesn't have a cell. It drives me crazy. Maybe I should buy her one for her birthday.

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