Saturday, February 2, 2008

Alexa: Korea, Uk or India? Let us try to increase the score

Last month i wrote the post about Alexa in Alexa rank increased.! Statistics reveals! Now i have made a small observation .. These days i noticed where are my visitors from.. And how is the rank get influenced by the individual ranking in other countries..
And the results reveal that higher ranking in Uk is increasing my possibility of ranking better.. Isn't that exciting? yeah.. more hits from Uk and that increased my ranking a lot..

I had a conversation with a korean last day and found that Firefox have got only a little share in the browser segment.. they all use IE.. does that have something to do with the webmasters saying that korean sites rank better? Donno for sure.. but many of those guys out there doesn't even know what alexa is :)

I would recommend you people to try increase hits from india(from the Indian blogging community).. Am sure you wont get a dedicated reader from india... but if that indian have atleast a post about alexa in his blog, then definitly he will help you increase your score...

If you are reading this post and doesnt have an alexa tool bar, download one from Alexa site

just try this for a month and please do update your results in here... let others too get benefit from this...

to see my alexa stats : beautiful minds - Alexa rank

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Anonymous said...

Strange that I see posts without comment, yet your traffic rank is 512,000 or so.

Please share some more secrets on the traffic you get, thanks.

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