Thursday, February 21, 2008

Credit crunch and Uk: They are into budgeting

Recently I came across an interesting news about Mortgages in The story was about a survey conducted in Britain and the title is "Budgeting is 'top priority' for Brits". The report carried out by the Friends Provident has revealed that as the United Kingdom(UK) is feeling the effects of the worldwide credit crunch, 41per cent of respondents of the survey plan to "economise", one third of people are planning a "complete overhaul" of their finance and budget in order to find better deals. Mr. James Ward, the director of Friends provident commented that although the forty percent of people are worried about the financial situation and credit crunch, the "trick is to harness this heightened awareness and to do something positive". He also advised the customers to invest the money “in a way makes it work smarter for their needs”.

He is actually right, with the fall of stock markets in India, Japan, and other Asian countries, with less credit available in hand, its time to invest wisely, not only in UK, but also in all parts of the world. A less risky way of investment must be preferred, with less risk, the rate of return may be low, but you can be assured that the money you invested is safe.

So plan your expense make a budget and invest wisely

Source : Budgeting is 'top priority' for Brits


Ben said...

I'm from the UK and know a lot of young professionals who don't appear to be budgetting.

They either have a lot of savings, or are setting themselves up for a fall. Only time will tell...

Jake said...

How have things changed with the credit crisis as of late?

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