Friday, February 15, 2008

Blog about the things you love!

Certain things you have to be aware of...

Choose your niche
Your niche can be anything... from Artificial intelligence to facelifts, from aeronautic to nano-technology. But, after choosing the niche, make sure that you are sticking on to the same.

Niche and the Domain name
Blog/Site address is your passport for the online identity. When ever you choose your name for your niche blog make it sure that you have choose that wisely. (beautiful minds, cannot be a name for a pure technical blog, and its not.)
Why you should do that can be obtained from many prominent bloggers out there like dosh dosh.

Explosion of visitors?
many argue that niche blogging cannot bring in visitors beyond a limit. that is true to an extend. If you have a niche blog, then you can get people who are interested in your niche..

Pss.. write a post about Alexa every month.. u will earn some visitors..

What have you chosen as your niche?


Cardboard Robot said...

Don't forget good old fashion link building as a means to get traffic to your site. Thanks for the post. I'm rss-ing you.

Forum Entrepreneur said...

Nice post. Thanks for the information. This information help me lots. Keep posting such kind of good article

KC TAN said...

I select the niche as a named "NewRace".

Thank you for your suggestions.

Warhammer Online said...

Excellent tips.

The Gizmole! said...

Great blog Keep up the good work!

Drop by one of mine and let me know what you think?

teeth bleaching said...

These are great tips for the niche blogger. Do not forget to participate in the blog community though; read and comment on other blogs. This is the best way to get traffic to your own blog.

Jason Pearson said...

Thanks for sharing this article. These are some really good tips for niche bloggers. Keep posting, I have enjoyed your blog.

Edward said...

great info

Edward said...

great info

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