Friday, February 1, 2008 : easy polls and easy surveys

Easy Poll is a site in which we can go ahead and include some polls in our site... and its free.. This service take the minimum Resource from the web masters/ site owners end.. no hard coding, no need for the IT support etc etc.. if you are intended to do some free free myspace surveys , on-line poll, or even want to know whether the visitor is coming for the first time you can use the services in the site.

There are multiple choice and Yes/no type polls available.
An example is given here.. You can also take part in the same.


Rajaram S said...

I somehow didn't like this poll. I was confused at first as to which colour represents yes. Another thing, the poll on the page doesn't immediately reflect my vote.

Weight Loss Wand said...

I would surely join this. It is good deal.

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