Saturday, February 23, 2008 and Military Uniforms

Have you heard about BDU? They supplies authentic, military grade, genuine uniforms and clothing to active duty military and law enforcement personnel.
Now a days the officers and soldiers replaces their wardrobe with the stuffs from commercial retailers. Any military personnel reading this, better be cautious as buying from a merchandise that doesn't stress on quality may be risking their life. I don't know how many companies treat the military uniforms with special near infrared coating, to minimize the risk of getting detected with a night vision device

Name of the site:
Genre: Military grade uniforms(online)
About: These guys offer the finest grade stuffs in a comparatively low prices and adhere to the standards. The apparel is manufactured by Propper. (They claim that they are the largest supplier of uniform to US DoD.)

Pss.. They offer free shipping for orders above $50.


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RooYo said...

Thats good

Samuel Barns said...

Sounds like a good company. YOu are so right to advise using a service that is qualified to take care of soldiers uniforms. I know the company I work for provides uniform services, but I don't believe that they can or do service military uniforms. Police yes, but military no.

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