Monday, February 25, 2008

Google Adsense. Have you verified yours?

This day I got a snail mail from google That too from google Adsense support, with a verification Pin. I enter the same and the hold on my account was removed! So the hard earned money that you earned will be credited to your account/ cheque will be issued to you when you reaches the threshold limit of 100 bucks.

Pss.. I'vent reached hat mark yet in google. Any way will get he money, once am in that mark :)

This is one of the correct method of verification, to check the address of the particular user/ publisher. Login to your adsense account to check whther you have given the correct address, a verification may happen in your account at any time. :)


bittersweetcollide said...

wow! congrats! you finally got yours verified. I got mine verified a long time ago. At first, it took me around six months before i really reached the payout range. ?Just keep going!

bittersweetcollide said...

Hey there again Vish, looks like you havent updated yet. Anyway, I dunno if you do tags, but I tagged you anyway, just in case, check it out! God Bless!


cutieweii said...

Me too! Have just recently verified the GoogleAds account but still have long way to reach the threshold I guess. Btw, good luck to us!

PRASANNA G said...

Keep it day you will definetly reach to $ 100, the pay out limit.

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