Saturday, February 23, 2008

Technology Kills you!

How do you kill your time? Is it in front of the computer playing games? or Is it by surfing internet, web logs ...etc.?
Or is it an outing with friends or do you enjoy bars and nightlife in San Diego ? What ever it is make sure that you are not overstressed by work. Plan a vacation every month, spend some time with your family and make the things going. Once you are with your loved one, out there enjoying, you will feel relaxed and happy. I think companies should promote the same among the employees. The technical, non technical, government or private, they should relax once in a month. Once you are back from your holidays see how fresh you are. See how well you can perform the work. Oops! I forgot to mention. My friend who went out in vacation with a laptop(he said he want to check mail) hangout the first week in bars, night clubs etc... and when he started to check his official mail, he started to work from that remote place.

So get out for a vacation.. Spread love and get love.!


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