Saturday, February 9, 2008

Choose Your ISP :

Internet have became one of the most essential things in life. From shopping to entertainment.. from information to gambling.. Internet is used in almost all walks of the life. So the next time you want to have an ISP, which is reliable, profitable and having a decent service status, you can check is also a resource on decision making like canceling the ISP account, Virus and Spam control, etc...

Name of the site:


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About: This site have got information on cheap prices and discount promotions on broadband ISPs, DSL Service, Dial up service, wireless service and VOIP service. The users of this site can compare various service provider and find out which one is best, or which one suits your need.

There are tips to protect ourselves from on line scams, history of the Internet, how to secure a wireless network, Spam blocking, Spy ware and Ad ware protection etc...

Some of the companies listed:

NetZero Internet, Juno Internet, etc... from dial up

Verizon DSL, AT&T Yahoo DSL, BellSouth FastAccess DSL, Qwest DSL from the section DSL

Adelphia Cable Internet, Charter Cable Internet, Cox Cable Internet, Road Runner Cable Internet etc... from the cable internet section

Hughes Satellite Internet and WildBlue from the sattelite section

Boingo Wireless and FON WiFi from wireless segment

and VOIP section have Packet8, Verizon VoiceWing, ViaTalk, etc...

The catch: The website itself says the fact that, cheap deals doesn't mean the best package to choose.. Hence, this site helps us to find the deal which suits our day to day deal. So go ahead and find your deal.

* this is just an introductory Post and have the views of the author. Visit the site for more information about the service they offer.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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The Garden Gossip said...

Great post

Soso said...

Good post. website is excellent!
I am trying to build a similar database on but i am still in early stages. :(

T1 prices said...

I have seen a few sites that let you add info and find the prices instantly for dsl. I list on on my own site and i just use any name and email i only need to make sure phone number is correct. They look up the dsl with that and then list speds prices and much more.

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