Friday, February 22, 2008

My First Love!

Love happens to any one. Some falls in love with classmates, some with co workers/colleague, some with gadgets :). Years before, when I was studying for my undergraduate course, I fell in love, love with a girl in my class. That wasn't infatuation, but true love. I reveal the same to her when we were on study tour from college. The romantic ideas of proposing without revealing much about what one is saying. She accepted it.(Yeah! we were like minded, some say "with the same wavelength")
I was afraid, whether my parents will accept her, when i move out of my home town we communicate with letters, ha those love letters are still in her hands, and then i fell in love with computers. I got a job in an IT company and started to plunge my head in between computers. But how can I forget my first love. Now she is my wife, and mother of our Kid, the little Devadathan.


bittersweetcollide said...

we find love in the most unexpected places. Goo thing you ended up with your first love, I just lost mine.

Jason Pearson said...

Isn't it funny how our love can change from a person to a profession. I hope you are able to take a break from your "current" love and give some time to your "first" love. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

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