Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Alexa: The geographical influence

Am I wrong in saying about UK india and korea? am not sure.. but here is a small observation... I saw a downward trend in weekly stats when US Rank dropped.. at that time indian Rank went 20000+ up and Uk 5000 down.

May be coz the number of people using alexa bar in US is more. :) .

Some oher stuffs

The number of feed subscribers is around: 60
and daily hits dropped.. dropped to the lowest in the last couple of months :(

If you dont have an alexa tool bar then you can download one from alexa site
The alexa stat is available in the lower left corner of the page... or you can go directly to my stats.

If some one is interested in doing some research in this area with a toolbar installed then they can contact me in vishnu attherate .(attherate should be substituted with @)

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