Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good bye Adsense

In response to googles decission to freeze my adsense account, I am taking off all the adsense ads from my blog... Donno why google have done the same.. I haven't ever clicked on a single ad :(
My account was almost around 37 - 40 USD (for the last one and a half years)... down with adsense..

I have started using some inpost ads from BidVertiser, instead.

Thank you google :)

Yeah, there are many a number of other advertisers around.. I think google doesn't know that! I wont blame google.. only thing that hurt is that they did'nt even send a mail / confirmation that they are going to ban!

Phrrrrr.. (Sound of Blowing the Nose)


Dorph said...

Sounds like another example of the uncontrollable monster google has become!


Bluetooth said...

Yeah very true as google has started banning many genuine accounts too randomly because of increase in the manipulation in the clicking patterns.

Abaculus said...

I am so glad I found this blog, and post. I was seriously thinking about using Google Adsense. It came free with my web host. I also got one from Yahoo as well. I think they give you so much free credit. Its unfair that Google never sent you an email. Do you think I still should use my free credit?

nigelmcloughlin said...

Adsense is not the only paid per click anymore. There are a lot of other programs that have even better rates, such as what you mentioned, BidVertiser

Adam said...

Sorry to hear about that. I have a steady income from my Google adsense (not much though) once my blogs started getting popular. You should have contacted them to try to get unbanned.

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