Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Computers - for Gaming, personal and business needs

Recently I brought a laptop and a PC for my cousin. The PC was a gaming PC, a Core 2 Duo Processor machine with graphics cards and all the sorta stuff. Later on one day I came across a site called
Easy as my PC and when I went through the same, It was all about building/ assembling your own PC. PC's like gaming computers, Basic computers, computer for business purposes... etc. are listed there. Yeah, you will get almost all the stuffs needed from them and all what you need is a screw driver, as they claims. From the processor, to the keyboard/ mouse, they supply you the components and you can assemble the same. Last time when I tried to assemble a computer after doing a custom order of the components from e-bay, I lost in between as i got some incompatible items left behind, once i assembled my system. So the next time, I think I should try order a kit from this site.
OOps.. did I forgot to mention that they have the upgrade kits and components sold seperately!


Nitin said...

This is Nitin from SezWho. I notice that you have registered your plug-in with us. Please let us know on support{at}sezwho{dot}com if you have any feedback for us.

Cirtex said...

Your PC configuration is noteworthy. Your assembling story might help me later.Ok bye.

Kredit ohne Schufa said...

I like Core 2 Duo Processor machine for playing nice games.Thanks for sharing about these matter.

Essay Writing Help said...

Well configuration is quite fine according to the gaming PC.

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