Thursday, June 19, 2008

Business and communication - Interdependency and interoperability

A friend of mine, who is a business consultant called me this day, and asked to call two of the numbers of his client to evaluate their response on an advertisement they have placed. Both were educational/migration consultancies to united kingdom(UK). Here is an abstract Of the incidents that happened.

Situation - Am an MCA(master of Computer Applications) trying to pursue higher education. I want to get into the IT stream of some university in UK.

Am stating only the issues, for I was asked to evaluate that.

1st call
1. The lady din't ask my name, din't reveal who she is.
2. I said am an MCA graduate and she was offering wrong courses like MSc Computer science and M.B.A.
3. The overall flow was not that good, but she was able to handle the same(Offered a call back and noted my mobile number and email address)

2nd call

Issues - issues and issues.
1. A blank in between the conversation.
2. haven't received a proper communication.
3. I said am an MCA and she asked me whther am a degree holder.
4. Put me on hold without saying so.
5. Transfered the call to another executive without informing that am getting transfered.
6. The 2nd executive started in a different language altogather.(lack of communication between employees)
7. Lack of knowledge on the subject they have advertised.
8. Lack of telephone etiquette.
9. They did not asked for my number, instead gave me their id and asked to mail.
10. Like in the first case - I did not get an introduction on whom am talking with (both the executives) and they did not try to get my name.
Over all impression hat they are not interested in doing this business...

What do you think? Is communication important in all walks of life?


Mary Ann said...

Communication builds a relationship with current loyal customers, while increasing brand awareness and convincing targeted consumers to buy your brand over your competitors.

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