Monday, June 23, 2008

Heir Loan - Inheritance Funding

This day am not going to write about loans, but about something which am sure many of the people out there will be benefited. I was reading about "Probate Advance Costs & Facts" of inheritance funding. May be this is not new for you, but for me, it was completely new. So here are some stuffs I found about heir loan .

They offer money not as loan, but as advance, which doesn't have any interest and/or a payment schedule of any kind. They take assignment of your future inheritance and advance you the inheritance money in exchange to a set amount in future, And they decide the advance money with respect to complexity, realestate value involved, time estimation ...etc.

Isn't that cool? Getting the money in hand even before it is done as a court settlement? And even if the court didn't distribute the same even after the time estimated, the cost never goes up.


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