Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nouveau Riche - Always love changes.

Making money online is a common thing that is heard these days... This reminds me of something. The news of Nouveau Riche. Yeah, becoming rich in no time have a little to do with hard work. But hard work complemented with right time and luck, helps a person to acheive what ever he wants in life. So being Nouveau Riche is nothing but sheer luck + attitude + right time and right thing( hard work).

So what exactly is this Nouveau Riche? Its nothing but becoming rich, its actually a french word for New Rich. I remember articles in wikipedia and cnn giving out informations on the people like that. There are people like maria carey, Celin Dion, Marilyn Manroe, J.K. Rowling ( harry potter ) and india's own Dhirubhai Ambhani, who started his business with just Rs. 15000(By 2007 Ambhani's were the richest family in the world.) by importing yarn and exporting spices under the name Reliance Commercial Corporation. Dream it and do it was the motto of reliance. The results are infront of you. So are you dreaming it? are you able to realise your dreams? So becoming fortunate to earn a fortune was there even in our fairy tales, from the cindrella to snow white, they entertained us with their stories, helped us to think about the same. So be it online business, or the conventional one, make sure that you are rich in ideas and introduce them in the right time.


Roger Hamilton said...

This is an interesting and informative post. Thanks for sharing !

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