Wednesday, April 16, 2008

QA- Careers- possibilities and the truth.

QA or quality Assurance is the process of Verify, Debug, and Update the software that is developed or modified. The career in QA is a promising one. Irrespective of the technology, domain or the interface used, QA is essential to the organisation. So wonder where will you get a job? They are every where, from the MNC's to the local development firm next door, or some where like TruGreen. Only thing is that open your eyes and ears so that you won't miss the opportunity.

The main skills required for the QA guy are
Active with Excellent communication Skills
Observation skills
Management skills
A little of programmatic skills (yeah, you need this as well)
A certificate in Testing
And experience is desirable.

In the case of a fresher the initial package (yeah, the remuneration) won't be that attractive, but the package weight increases with years of experience. Updating ones knowledge to the current technologies in the market helps in the QA's case as well. So be updated to make an impression. If you have any tips and tricks regarding this, do update the same as comments, so that others can be benefited from the same.


DotComSecrets said...

these are the truths about careers and jobs.

BestLaptopz said...

Thanks for posting this. My brother needs a job and I also think he must sharpen his performance and behavior. Thanks for reminding me (and him) these points.

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