Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Service-The keyword to profit and business.

The heading above says it all. Let your industry be a production, a software development, or a service oriented or even a reseller, what you need to maintain a good customer base is the "Service". You can have a service division inside the company or can even outsource the same. Some maintain the service division as an entirely different company(Tax issues ;) ). If you are a customer/regular user of the products, you will get a free service or may be you have to get registered/paid to avail the service. Some like American Home Shield (AHS) help the customer to get the service fast and efficient at your doorstep. What ever be the case its always advisable to sign up for the services(If you are required to do so), as it takes away the hassles of finding the technocrat/service people and get the appointment.

In the internet if you are buying a software make sure that they have a customer service division or some sorta support so that in case if you are stuck they are there a mail away. So the basics are simple. Give good service and customers will come looking for you. Now a days even the free services in the internet have got a support section in them, and yeah, they respond to your queries as well. Have you ever tried to contact any of the online services?


Matthew Lesko said...

Wow! Cool blog about profit and business.

Thanks a lot for the information!

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