Friday, April 11, 2008

Programmes I cant live wihout

1. Notepad ++ []
Yeah this article itself is typed in notepad++ and I love this software.. when ever some one calls to give a number, open an unknown file , I automatically press winkey + R (activate the 'RUN' ) and type in "notepad++" (without double quotes) and swoosh.. its before me.. its so fast, easy to handle and controllable. This is the program which i use frequently

2. Paint .net (paint dot net or PDN) []
A li'l image manipulation tool that is helpful in times. for hose simple resizing, retouching job, this program is soo light and easy.

3. Firefox []
I love this browser.. except that it doesnt opens up my bank account secured page.. but that is ok :)

4. Flashget []
This is a wonder tool for me which helps me a lot in managing the downloads in my office and home... small but powerful.

5. Open office. []
Thanks to this program which helps me a lot in creating pdf documents that draws attraction in my company as well as among my friends. This is primarly a well managed document tool. I dint forgot about the spreadsheet, presentation capabilities ...etc.

6. Google talk []
For hose hi and bye I use google talk (less frequent now a days). Thanks to google, i am in touch with my friends

7. Blogger []
I use blogger and i have used my domain over it. so definitly blogger is in my list

8. Picassa []
Picassa is neat and organisable to an extend. I use them in my blogs, for hosting my personal album ...etc.

9. Google Apps. []
yeah, the google apps is definitly a boon for me. With that am getting a lotta free space for my mail. google sites, and google pages, where I can even store some files to dowload.

10. AVG Antivirus Free editon []
Yeah, I use the free edition of AVG from grisoft and that helps me in keeping major vulnarabilities out.

11. Tweak UI / powertoys []
For keeping my computer neat

12 Ccleaner []
For keeping my computer clean

So that is it. these are the major programs I use on a daily basis. For my video audio needs, i use windows media player itself.

So what are your essentials?

* This is not a comprehensive list.. i juz penned down(oops I mean keyed down) the data which came in to my mind.


Patrick said...

Gmail and are my main tools....I write everything in Gmail first, send it to myself so that it is backed up, then publish it on the web or as a paper in MS Office or whatever.

The OS doesn't matter so much, I've structured my life so that all I need is a terminal that can get online. This seems to be the way things are headed, who needs offline apps anymore, really?

tax lien sales said...

The notepad++ seems to be interesting many of the applications are used by me, others i surely want to try out.

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