Friday, April 4, 2008

Computer services from

Are you in a small/mid-size organization ready to set up an IT division? Hold on! here is an information that is helpful for you. I found these guys in a casual browsing session and thought the information is well worth sharing.

Genre: IT services
Site: Fast-teks
These guys offer home services and business computer repair service, and I think that will be a value for money, when we think of the hassles involved in maintaining an IT department and the whole headache behind that.

They do a variety of services like Managed services, back up and recovery, website design and hosting, remote managed services, software training, computer and betwork security ...etc. They provide service in comfortable timings - like offering a day, evening services, weekend services ...etc. So if you are in need of the service head to their website, collect more information, check whether the same is viable to you and contact them to get a deal.


high speed internet access said...

Thank you for your nice in for information.But are they good dealer??

web hosting said...

Wondering the same thing, any experience with them, or is it just a good concept?

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