Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bugs, testers and extra functionality.

The Software we uses may contain lotta bugs... and its the duty of the testers to eliminate them before the final release.. err.. the actual sentence would be, to find and report them.. so its like what Terminix do. or rather may be its done b the programmer itself. What ever the case is it must be bug free. A software can be said to be as a good one, if it is usable in the eyes of the final user, if its functional in the eyes of the tester and if its less buggy in the eyes of the project members(and of course in the eyes of customer and testers as well.)

Extra functionality.
Extra functionality is always welcome. but imagine a customer complaining that he is directed to other pages on certain keystrokes or certain combination keys(for him it may be undesirable). That will be a pain. So when ever a customer gives out his requirement(s), either stick to the same or discuss with him what ever extra functionality you are gonna add. This clears the last minute debate(over the money and functionality) before the release.


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