Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Golf Supplies

Sports always fascinated me. Browsing through the web to find answers for those technical queries and to get knowledge, I used to get stuck with sports news and sports stuffs. One of those sports that I love is the golf(remember the film Happy Gilmore?). The big names in Golf are Tiger woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack nicklaus. The game involves Big money and its one of the most revenue generating sport for an individual.

Websites in which I used to get stuck are Golf academy and another called golf course. They are sites in German language which offers golf stuffs. That too Golfshop with branded items. Frankly I knew little German, but thanks to the translation tools available on line, I used to browse through them and get the required info.

Some useful stuffs like Nike travel Cover/ Travel bag, which provides maximum protection and functionality, with club protection system are hot items you can look for.

One of the interesting stuffs i recommended to one of my German friends were the vacation (Golf vacation ) they offered. I couldn't be in touch with her after that, so am not sure whether she utilized the same.

The package was an offer to the beginner as well as professional, with a 3 hole practice and a relaxed environment away from the tiredness of work!

Another segment was the Golf shop, in which many golf product were shown. The shop portrays golf equipments from a golf Clubs to Golf bags, golf Trolleys, Golf shoes, Golfbekleidung (Clothings), gloves, golf balls, to other golf items.

A nice and tidy search (with the Google custom search) helps us to find the right item in this site.

The site features the items by leading brands like Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Taylor Made, Titleist, Precept by Bridgestone ...etc. The site also featured about Golfreisen, the Golf Travel - mature and resort golf trips in Andalusia. Visit the site for more.. Time to check the latest sports News...


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