Monday, April 27, 2009

Cyber Security: Hack it and find it!

IT Security is a mojor concern now a days. Compromise in security means compromise in all aspects. The companies around must be more aware of the risks arise from the IT field. The saviour of the day would be an ethical hacker, who can help with the IT Security and Testing of the apps either they developed or they use. The instructor led online classes by EC-Council is some what distinct in this field. They started with iclass, a program on Ethical Hacking, trying to find out the possible security loop holes with the help of a hacker, and moved on to penetration testing, computer forensics, Disaster Recovery, Secure Programming and other security fundamental programs. being an ethical hacker have several advantage, He/she will have adequate oppurtunities and payrise even in a recession struck economy. IT security is not a game of kids, he / she will have a major role to play in this field as well. The dedicated training and training modality of EC-Council is unique. From oracle to Cisco, the companies in which the EC-Councils students are listed in the website and the list compells us to join a course. CEH exam like 312-50, helps us to be a qualified ethical hacker, and I think the best way is to enroll in an EC-Council Authorized Training Center, and get certified.



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