Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mail Clients( eudora - thunderbird -Outlook (express)) - prerequisites (Part 2)

As this is not a ready made content and I am typing the same in as and when possible, this is taking a lot of time. The part one of this series is available in Mail Clients( eudora - thunderbird -Outlook (express)) - Terms (Part 1)

Email Address
An email address is needed to configure your mail client( :) )

POP And SMTP address
POP address is the address of the mail server and can be obtained from the email provider.
SMTP address can be obtained from your ISp.

Filters are been used to sort your mails .
for example you can set a filter like this. if the mail is from a particular mail address, then put in folder x
or if the to address is then put the mail to the folder aaa

other stuffs.
You want to check the mail in regular intervals?
Want to hangup your connection after checking email?

Its all possible in the mail clients. So the main advantage of using a mail client is that you can save a lot of internet usage time by downloading the stuffs and reading it off line.

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