Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mail Clients( eudora - thunderbird -Outlook (express)) - Terms (Part 1)

Aim of the series is to try configuring the mail client/clients.

Part 1.

There are certain terms we used to say when reffering to a mail client. Lets check them here

1. Mail Client
Mail client is the program we uses to fetch our mail from servers
A complete list of email clients are here |-list of email clients-|

2. POP3
Post Office Protocol - Version 3 (POP3) is intended to permit a workstation or a computer to retrieve mail that the server is holding for it.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is used to transfer mail reliably and efficiently.

The Internet Message Access Protocol, Version 4 (IMAP4) allows a client to access and manipulate electronic mail messages on a server. IMAP4 permits manipulation of remote message folders, called "mailboxes", in a way that is functionally equivalent to local mailboxes.

5. Mail Accounts
When multiple mail are configured in the client then we manage them as accounts.( Name vary from client to client)

We don't have to blow our head when we hear the word POP and SMTP. Just keep in mind that POP is a number(server address) that we used to access the mail from our webmail.

And SMTP will be same for all the accounts we create and its been provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

To be continued...

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