Monday, October 29, 2007

A day for Psoriasis - World Psoriasis day- on 29th of October

Today (29th of Oct 2007) is World Psoriasis Day(WPD).

The aim
the aims of observing this day as WPD comprises of

1. Raising awareness about this disease.
To spread that it is just the state of skin and non contagious.

2. Better access to therapies and medicines

3. Information and knowledge delivery to patients and general public about this condition, and open the mouth and say, I'm suffering from the same.

4. Creation of a platform to raise the voice of the patient. to know their needs, to know their rights.

More info is available here...

* This post is a deviation from the topics I cover in this blog. Being a psoriasis patient, I think this action is justifiable. And I've stopped taking in medicines, and have brought a control over the psoriasis. Any one wishes to share their information? Anyone needs some tips? Do comment me with the email id, and i'll get back to you.

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Anonymous said...

i have psoriasis for years now. on a trip i took with some good friends to Israel, i found this amazing place called the Dead Sea.a few days there helped me to achive a great relief in my condition.the combination of salts in it's water and the sun there, is great. now i try to travel there ones a year.

Anonymous said...


you were so right!
i always wanted to visit israel, and your comment gave me the final push i needed.

the stay at the dead sea done wonders to my skin!

thank you.

ian said...

i found a site that could help you find information in the subject:

personally it helped me alot.

Anonymous said...

thank you all for this great iformation.

if anyone else reads this correspondence, i recommend using the site above.

billy said...

I believe hot dry weather is supposed to have some beenfit as well. I met a guy while travelling in Australia a few years ago who’d gone there in the hope that the weather might do some good for his psoriasis, but didn’t keep in touch so I couldn’t vouch for it

Dorin said...

Do they have other activities?
I mean for kids.
I want it to be a family vacation.

billy said...

There are a lot of great hotels there, with tons of activities.

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