Tuesday, October 16, 2007

www.smorty.com, Paid blogging at its best

Are you falling in the category, Get paid to blog or blog for money? If yes here is a site that offers you some of the best stuffs around.

What : Web site
Genere of the site: Paid to blog
address of the site: smorty.com
Minimum worth of offers: $6 per review.
Payout time: Weekly
Approval time: 1 day to one week(max)
The interface to accept the proposal is great and it easy to choose the opportunities. The offer comes around $6 per offer and goes high when your reputation increases/ with your PR Rise.
Smorty have also got a refferel program so that you can refer your friends or fellow bloggers and you can earn money with them.

So, if you are planing to get paid for blogging, smorty can be a choice for you. The time frame is well under control, and they accept blog advertising.

So just go ahead and blog for money, what are you waiting for?


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