Monday, December 3, 2007

Pegasus; Free mail client with less load on computer

Pegasus is a mail client. Copy righted to David Harris, it use peter gutmanns high security cryptlib encryption library.
Product name : Pegasus
Site :
Genre: Mail client
Cost : Free
Interface: Interface is some what cluttered if you are a frequent user of Outlook express/ outlook.
Alert: a New mail is shown by rhe flying anime of pegasus and if we are right clicking and select "new mail information" we get the number of mails . All the new mails are downloaded to new mail folder(unless you specify) and can be moved to ther folders once you finish reading the same.
Issues/ bucks: I've activated a forwarding option in Pmail and if am shutting down the system without shutting the pegasus down, occationally the older mail(s)get forwarded to the forward address specified. Whe i click on the pegasus icon pegasus opens up.. but below all the windows that are opened. ( i use an XP machine)


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