Monday, December 17, 2007

Domain Names and Domain Transfer - The hardships we faced.!

Last month I was trying to do change a blogspot site in to own-domain one. The guy who own the domain was a friend of mine and I was trying to help him out. He said he have registered the name through a local ISP. So i asked him to provide the user name and password for the control panel. Which turned out to be one with an Indian registrar. I tried to login and was amazed to find that there is'nt much option in the control panel. In the MX data there is the server address of the ISP typed in. and there is no Cname records. I asked the customer support of the registrar and they said they have juz provided the domain name.. and not controlling the DNS records. I tried to contact the ISp and they said that they don't have anything with them.

At this point I used my paypal account and transfered the domain name to another Registrar.
the steps involved was.

1. Payment of cash(I payed it through paypal)
2. Authorisation mail is sent to the admin of the account( Unfortunately in our case it was the ISP's email id)
3. Once the admin confirmed the same, the authorisation mail is sent to the losing registrar to transfer the account.(this is an automatic process and may take around 10-15 days)
4. Once the transfer is completed, we got a mail and that said we can modify the details in the domain.

All together these steps took around a couple of weeks time.
Once we got a confirmation mail, (this transfer includes an extension of an years service on the domain) I brought a DNS control on the domain. and used this control to configure the data.

I added two cname entries pointing to one is without any value and te other is with www.

Then I took and took the publishing option. In the publishing option i clicked on custom domain and then went to advanced settings. There, I typed in the name of the website. I saved the same and ask blogger to redirect the www. website name also in to that particular domain and i clicked on view blog.. and

Nothing happened. I have already lost a couple of weeks running around this domain. And on my way to home i stopped in a cafe and redo the process. Voila.!, I was able to see the website.!

I think that must be conflict betwee the data in the old and new registrar. (may take upto 48 hours to resolve)

We took that offline and is now trying to add a different blog under that name.!

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