Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Caricature; from a Malayalam Blogger

Last day a blogger got some doubts regarding the domain and domain name change... So we arranged a meeting and in a 10 minutes time, In a small vegetarian hotel in MG Road, Kochi, We were discussing the matters over a cup of coffee and went ahead with other stuffs. He is a fun loving guy working in a government office in Kochi itself. In less than a minutes time he draw a caricature of mine and yeah.! that resembles me.!

Here is the caricature, and the blog of that guy is

1. Kerala ha ha ha
2. Ooneswaram p o


cartoonist said...

This IS my entry to the world of english blogs. That too by way of a reference - penned by a European (Alleppey is known here as the Venice of the East)

Thanks, VISHNU...

Meghna said...

this was wonderful. The person sitting beside you was surely talented!

http://www.garden-office.me.uk said...

Some different names of the blog. Nice post. thanks.

Abhi said...

cool cartoon!

Carissa said...

You should do a cartoon blog- political figures, celebrities, whatever is going on in the world. Pretty coo and original!


Anonymous said...

i learned a lot of thing , thanks

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dizi said...

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Anonymous said...

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