Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beautiful Minds: a day's meal -Used in the best way

Daily on my way to office, I used to find an old man standing in front of a clinic, begging to people for money. This man is around 80-85 years old and wear a broken glass. Last day I dint find him there.. I looked around and found him sitting under a lamp post, and he is looking to the ground. I juz saw that he is sitting coz he is not feeling that well. It was about 9 AM in the morning and I have to rush to my office, to be in Time. I went near him and asked what happened. He just say "nothing" and shook his shoulders. I opened my bag and found that the idli prepared by my mom is their inside the bag, she gave me the same so that i can have it for Noon. I offered him the same, in that tiffin box itself. he was no ready to accept the same. After some time he agreed and had the idlies, and said a thanks, and said, he was in need, but whom to ask?

That question suddenly grow inside me.. I thanked to god, for giving me meals when i need, giving me relations when I need. For all the privileges i enjoy.

The day was good for me, I din't have anything for the afternoon session, but the satisfaction, that I got from that incident was enough to keep me moving till night.

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കണ്ണൂരാന്‍ - KANNURAN said...

tks vishu... we can change the world, by doing small things..

Beautiful Minds said...

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bamboo said...

It is true that we forget to thank god for our position in the world. He shows us many example but we keep our eyes shut.

We should not do so and try to change the world as far as we can.

Nice post. thank U.

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