Friday, May 14, 2010

Story of pagerank, blogger, wordpress and more..

A couple of years ago the most important thing around for webmasters was how to increase Google page rank or PR. In those times, I was also in constant search for articles around the internet by using keywords like "how to increase the PR", "Increase the Page rank" etc. Occasionally I used to search for "Increase the Alexa ranking" keywords too. I was able to increase my page rank(maximum of 5 for a short duration) and increase my Alexa score to the range of 2,00,000. After that I migrated my blog to Wordpress, tried Drupal, again to Wordpress and then back here to blogger. if there wasn't a DB migration at my host side, i wouldn't have got my articles deleted in Wordpress and i wouldn't have came back to blogger. Every thing happened for good(courtesy: Bhagavat Geetha).
Last day when i migrated my page rank was 2 and this day its updated and is now 4! err.. What's happening Google?
What is left? I now have a mission in Hand, to migrate my blog sqaguy to blogger. i think I'll loose my articles in sqa blog.. wanna try all the options..


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