Friday, March 27, 2009

Url Shortening - make your marketing campaign easier.

When ever you do a marketing campaign or a use an affiliate link, people tends to use the link with ur affiliate id taken off. So what is the use of the same? There are some work around for things like this. For example, pointing to a page in ur site itself, which will redirect to your affiliate url, not all pages support it, (obviously PHP does). Another way is to mask your url or shorten long urls . This is relatively easy as there are a number of third party sites playing in that area and many of the services are free. One player among them is urlzoom, which helps to quickly transform your url in to a shorter one. One of the biggest headache of tracking the clicks can also be solved by using this. For this you have to register as a user in urlzoom, get your trackable tiny urls and implement the same in your site. Urlzoom will give you the data on the number of clicks received in url you have.

The statistics that urlzoom retrieves includes the date and time and refering site information, which help you to plan the marketing activity. Yes, More concentration on pages where you receive more clicks!.


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