Sunday, March 22, 2009

Its' Hot, I mean the climate

India is burning now.. the heat of public elections and the summer make the country boil in this heat. Iused to sit in an airconditioned room and the heat is ok. But when i leave my office to catch my train, then I know what a 100 degrees is like. My friend staying in Arisona said that the climate their is just perfect. It's only about 80 degrees. A climate which i would like to enjoy this vacation. She said it is easy to find some neat and cozy Arizona homes there .We can even use the help of internet for the same. Be it the Bullhead City or the Winslow, we can enjoy the nice climate. My friend's cousins are getting relocated to Arizona by this april and they said they are trying to find the right relocation specialists who would help them with moving home.


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