Friday, June 29, 2007

A new Turn..!

So far this blog was not in focus.. now we are gaining the same..

A definite watch word is going to keep this blog in track.. that will be technology and technology only.. Am not going to delete the older posts.. they are dearer to me.. Any one wishes to read ahead ..!

They can do so..!

Err.. Am in to software testing..! will that affect???

i don't think so..! here first of all am not gonna program anything.. am not gonna create anything new.. but share with others what i saw.. what i hear from this ocean called Internet.. and ya as am into blogging as well may be you may find some stuffs related to that as well..

Yep.. blogs, product reviews(Donno how good am in that), and all those stuffs..

Phew i wish I could narrow down a little bit)

So here that goes..!


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