Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The lost purse..

Mr Balakrishnan, the guy in Central marine and fisheries lost his purse in transit.. he got in to the bus with his new purse(gifted by his wife) from nangiarkulangara in Alappuzha district in kerala. He was pickpocketed later on the way. He was left with no penny in his hands.. and Mr. Ajay lal came to his rescue by lending him Rs. 50. Later this monday he was narrating a story to the train mates.

Last friday the train was late... the train scheduled to start from ernakulam at 6 wasnt even at the station till 6.30... I want to go home early.. but because of the train incident i wasnt in a mood to.. later that day i went in to have some food and 3 more joined me there in the eatery... After the massacre I was left to pay the bill... After that I realized that it was better to lose the purse than to have food for these spoiled brats..

and at last I reached home by 12 midnight that day..



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