Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Technology updates

Here are some quick technology updates in this technical blog..

1. Google updated google interface.. But wait, its for the ipad. - and the change - full view of the compose window with no distraction with messages in the side showing the inbox

- Source: craig wilkinson(he is an SE with google mobile) in his post in google mobile blog

2. Mobile devices will be spotted with adobes latest release on Flash player (version 10.1 for mobile)

3. A couple of months back IRCTC released a beta version of their portal make sure that you try it (A little buggy for me though) the search is easy with all the available classes showing and even the print out of the ticket is neat. - wish to try? use the flashing beta banner on the top left of the site.

4. Black berry have a small set back with standard chartered bank replacing it's black berry devices with (so called) more advanced tools called iphone.

Off beat: Processor/ Chip giant AMD have started marketing its 12 core processors widely. A cute little ad appeared in Economic times with a kid holding weight and asking what is overloading!
An attractive and full page one!

Update: How did I missed the wordpress 3.0 ?


Maxim said...

Oh! How about wordpress 3.0? I just want it!

Abhineet Shukla said...

Your post on Technology updates are amazing. You should include word press 3.0 in your next update.
awaiting for your next post.

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