Saturday, May 23, 2009


Kerala, the place I live in is famous for the greenary, coconuts, spices and humidity. The humidity level is high in Kerala, that you sweat profusely. A perfume or a scent is a must.
I was looking around for a new perfume store to get hold of a hugo boss, and i found a lot online. I went ahead and explore the local perfume market as well. (I dint get much choice and variety there.
From CK to HB, the range we can select from online store is enormous. but the feel you get from the local store is higher than the online version coz you can try and buy in some stores. The musculine smell of HB is cool and i love wearing the same.. My wife also recommend the same.


indie said...

I don't think you will get Hugo Boss in kerela. I may be wrong too. you ever tried Blue jeans? Try that.

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