Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Domain Names for bloggers - .us and .info.

I received a mail last day. It was an Offer. An offer to earn a free domain name.. and I found that nam dot com have started something called rapid blog, which works on the word press platform and the same is avalable for $3.99 per month if paid monthly and $1.99 per month if paid yearly.
More info can be obtained in the rapid blog section.
I think that is worth the bucks as there involves no hazzles of installation and customisations.

But I truly belive the flexibility to change will be a little restricted in these sort of accounts. More over, with these packages, they provide you domain names for free. and comes in .us and .info varients.
Choose your name and start rocking...


sandra washington said...

Hello. I am pretty new on this whole blogging thing and I would very much like to earn some money on this. thank you for sharing this info. Im sure it would help me.

Chrystal K, said...

Wow, thanks.

Viraj - New Web Business said...

Good offer...worth keeping a watch !!

Josh said...

Why would you want a name with one of these extensions? It's been demonstrated that in order to rank for Google, it's almost imperative to have a .com or .net ending, unless it's a really uncompetitive keyword. Have you found otherwise?

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